Chill Dining concept

Chill Dining is a modern stylish restaurant that offers Sky-View Dining Experiences that has won “2018 World Luxury Restaurant Awards” for Luxury Steakhouse; Best Romantic Ambience and Best Wine Selection.


The venue comprises 500 square feet with high floor ceiling and a restaurant mezzanine in a state of the art development office on the 27th floor of AB Tower in the bustling District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City, which would benefit not only surrounding vibrant nightlife but also commercial clientele from the prestigious shops and offices in the area.  Chill Dining is located adjacent to the New World Hotel.


The menu emphasis is  Steak and Seafood. The menu combines some of the best beef and seafood imported fresh from around the world paired with indigenous ingredients from locals vendors. The Farm to table experience is well documented through the menu.  Dining is a complete aesthetic experience engaging all the senses of sight, smell, texture, sounds, and taste. The menu is mainly western based using classical cooking techniques with a modern twist.

The menu offers the finest selection of meats, poultry, seafood and seasonal vegetable prepared in an open show kitchen and served with signature sauces and marinade. It will be known for its high-quality food and individuality.  The emphasis will be on ingredients, flavor, and presentation will be art on the plate.


Our beverage lists have been created with fresh & seasonal ingredients and culture in mind. A  variety of innovative & classic cocktails, including unique signatures, that is freshly muddled by our bar mixologists.  There is a variety of premium spirits, champagne, wines selected to complement various dishes and provide the opportunity to sample several different styles. A 300 bottle walk-in wine cellar featuring wineries from around the world complement Chill Dining dishes with a range of flavors and textures from the fresh seafood and the juiciness of steaks to the smoky flavor created by the charcoal flame grill.  The wine list offers a minimum of 4-6 vintage wines by the glass that will be served at appropriate temperatures and poured from the bottle in front of the guest. Our wine ranges from light in body with delicate fragrance to robust wines with intense aromas.

Style of Service

Chill Dining focuses on service, which is quick, efficient and uncomplicated with an emphasis on a friendly and gracious style. Offering the traditional individual starter and main course menu structure, Chill Dining’s menu has been designed with the concept of a modern steak house.  The staff is dressed in uniforms, which are simple, yet elegant.


Our chefs and servers are here to guide you, so please call upon them for the smallest of favors